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(sticky) Updates, Update queue and ideas
16 comments - created by Kennyist about 7 years ago

Coming next update:

  • Able to compare games with another user
  • Being able to update game images
  • Offering on notices will be limited to games you own.

Last update:

  • Added search bar and search functions to the site
  • Notices now show the creators Country flag (If country is set)

Fixed issues:

  • PM send button staying red on Chrome.

Known issues:


Have an idea for the site, no matter how big or small, comment on this thread and we will take a look!

  • Guild support

Think you can help us?

I am looking for people who think they can create a better site style or work on the CSS, as i can then focus on the back end allot more. If you think you can help, add me on steam /u/kennyist or create a support ticket with "FAO kennyist - ".

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By Dielawn about 7 years ago

A favorites section would be pretty sweet, as well as themes for each persons profile.

By EsunaProxy about 7 years ago*

I would like to comment on a few things:

  • A small link like reddit has, helping users understand about the markup they can use while commenting.
  • Larger default TextArea size so people can see it better. Maybe a fixed width/height.
  • A friends list -> leading into live chat features

That's all for now but I've only been a member for a bit so I'll keep looking!!

Edit: Will update as I think of more.

By iCrave4AceGamin about 7 years ago

This is a community, contact each other, messaging, friending, commenting! Kind of like a social media but our community of gamers!

By Kennyist about 7 years ago*

We currently have private messaging, Friending is something we will get in early. Where would you want commenting? on profiles?

By Lord_Snuggles about 7 years ago*

First off, the site looks awesome, there are many features I'm looking forward to trying out ^^, Being lucky enough to have a tester code, I thought I'd give back a little and provide some feedback. I noticed this when signing up with steam. If your steam nickname contains a space and you try to register with it lgbtgamers provides you with some feedback informing you that your 'username contains banned characters'.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. The feedback really should be in red so that it stands out. I didn't notice at all what the problem was when signing up. I just noticed that the page layout changed a little bit (to include the feedback message) when I clicked register. It took a while to see that there was a feedback message at all.

  2. The feedback message should ideally mention banned characters so that users know they can't include spaces, asterisks, pounds, etc.

  3. Allow spaces in usernames :P Shouldn't be a problem as long as the username strings aren't delimited by spaces when being read in. This isn't a huge deal, but would be cool :3

Finally, thanks for making this great site for us lgbt gamers to find one another! Totally awesome idea!

By garraeth about 7 years ago

In your reddit post you say: "We kept seeing posts like 'Who here plays X?' and 'Looking for friends on Steam/Xbox/PSN' quite a lot on various LGBT subreddits, and so the idea of LGBTgamers was born."

I'd suggest making it SUPER easy to do so. ie. a simple/minified link shown everywhere (top nav?) -- or someplace obvious -- to share what you're doing now....links directly to your profile and/or your schedule. These links should work on Reddit, FB, Twitter, etc...

Keep up the good work and good luck!!

By PrincessLexi about 7 years ago

Posted this on Reddit but got told to post here as well - (This is more a "just for me" type thing) - I noticed there are a bunch of options for "female" "Trans female," etc. But there's nothing with "Woman" or "Girl" (Or "Transgender Woman", etc.) Some people might disagree with adding those options, but I would love the option to call myself a Trans Girl.

Also, you may want to consider adding in a profile setting, the way you have with Origin/Uplay/etc.

By Kennyist about 7 years ago*

Hey, I have just added to accounts and have added "Transgender Girl" and "Trans Girl" to genders.

By Lemei about 7 years ago

Being able to order the comments differently. More like reddits sort of style would be good, otherwise they tend to get buried at first glance :3 Some sort of shout out box would be wonderful as well.

By PlushSnake about 7 years ago

When creating sessions, I saw a possible great flaw, dunno if I'm right: I can set up a time, ok, cool, but what is the time zone? You guys should put a option where I can choose my time zone on my profile, and the sessions would show a converted "my time zone hour", or just a option where I put the time zone on the session, and people can figure out for themselves what time is in their country.

By Kennyist about 7 years ago

When you first come to our site, we run a time zone checker and it gets stored into a cookie. So time zones should be right for you when creating or viewing sessions.

By PlushSnake about 7 years ago

Thx ^^

By Bryceratops about 7 years ago

A instant chat board would be really neat. I don't even know how to describe it, or what it's called. But have a little chat box on the left that everyone can join in on and talk to everyone that's on the site.

By Mace about 7 years ago

It'd be great if you could add Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Project M, Super Smash Bros. Melee to the Wii U games even though they aren't really for the Wii U, that'd be great. Super Smash Bros. games are still widely played between audiences. I saw that ETD was into Smash Bros. too and maybe he would like this idea also!

By LadyOfDespair about 7 years ago

Maybe being able to add a bio or about me to our profiles

By Squidly about 7 years ago

Seconding this

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