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(sticky) FAQ, site guidelines, formatting help and Community image
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Site logos designed by MajorScumbag and ETD

LGBTgamers staff:

Third party credits:

Community image:

This is the header image you see under the site menu on any page, When you click it, it will expand to show it all and more information about it. To submit a image post below, Images are 1920px+ by 280px and shows 80px when closed.


  • Please limit the amount of NSFW material posted here or on the group chat. If you do post something NSFW, Mark it as NSFW before.
  • We do not allow any links to any type of referral program.
  • We do not filter words like "Fag" and allow use in a non insult way, Improper use may result in warnings, temp bans or a permanent ban.
  • Be considerate of all users at all times.
  • Do not call out another user. if you see any reportable behaviour, contact us via support.



For comments, Forum posts and a few other areas we use Markdown to format the content similar to Reddit and Stackoverflow.

If you are new to this, I recommend this site to show you how to use it and live experimenting. We do also have a (semi)Live preview on forum post creation.

Quick links:

We have added a quick link system similar to Reddit, such as on reddit typing "/r/all" would create a link to that subreddit we have:

  • /u/user
  • /user/user
  • /f/forum ID
  • /forum/forum ID
  • /s/session ID
  • /sess/session ID
  • /session/session ID
  • /g/game ID
  • /game/game ID

You may be wondering why these didn't create a link? Well, links will only be generated to users/games/posts that exist.


Everyone likes emotes, right? So we have added them! Simple type :e-ID: to add emotes to your posts or comments, the IDs are:

  • happy -
  • wink -
  • wink2 -
  • unhappy -
  • sleep -
  • thumbsup -
  • devil -
  • surprised -
  • tongue -
  • coffee -
  • sunglasses -
  • displeased -
  • beer -
  • grin -
  • angry -
  • saint -
  • laugh -


What do the different name colours mean?

These colours are to differentiate between user types, based on the Borderlands 2 rarity colours, they mean:

  • Pink - Means this user is an Admin
  • Orange - Means this user is a Moderator
  • Purple - Simply means this user is a member of our steam group

Have a site idea or want to request a feature?

If you have any idea on how to improve the site or want to request features to be added, please take a look at this thread: /f/0v2o8

You are missing a Gender/Identity/Notice title/session type...

If we are, Just contact support and we will add them!

Why cant you add games Via Xbox account or PSN?

This is because they do not offer a public API like Steam does, There are community made ones but they have limits or in PSN case, they charge to use. To create one myself would take up basically all my time and with any slight change to Xbox live or PSN, I would need to fix the API.

You have two pages for the same game!

There are probably more since we use two different databases, Steam and Giantbomb, it is hard to get both to relate. If you see two pages for the same game, contact support with both ids (.com/game/[ID]) and we will fix it!

Why are some of my steam games missing!?

If you are judging by your steam profile game count, Those are not all games. That count includes some major DLC that does not parse to our system. When adding steam games to our database we use a filter (That is almost perfect) that only allows Apps marked as "Game" to be allowed through, If on the odd occasion that it filters a real game just contact support with the APPID and we will fix it.

Also this may because you just bought a game that released today, Some games don't appear in the public APPID list until it is available on the store. If this is the case, you just have to wait until we update our database at 01:00GMT.

Some (non-steam) games are missing?!

We get all other games from the public GiantBomb API, If a game is missing it is because its not on their list either. You would have to go through GiantBomb to add it. If its a new game, it may have just been added to their database which means you would just have to wait till 00:00GMT when we update the games database.

If you are searching for games in settings or Notice/Session creation and you cant find it, remember to use proper punctuation (Case insensitive though). Such as "Mirrors Edge" will not return anything but "Mirror's Edge" will.

Why do you only have games from a few systems?

We only have games on the site from systems that still have multiplayer capabilities. Current supported systems:

  1. Steam
  2. PC
  3. PS3
  4. PS4
  5. Vita
  6. Xbox 360
  7. Xbone
  8. Nintendo Wii U
  9. Nintendo 3DS

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By Thimmy about 8 years ago

So, how do you add games from say Origin, when you use your steam account to log in?

By Kennyist about 8 years ago

We don't have origin as a platform at the moment, just a profile name. Origin doesn't offer any public API so there is no easy way to add Origin to games that support it.

By Glazier213 about 8 years ago

I don't have an option to ask for a DOTA2 or LoL session :(

By Kennyist about 8 years ago

You don't have either of those games on your games list. You need them added to create notices/sessions for it.

By TeganGibby about 8 years ago

PS2, Xbox original, and Gamecube at least all have multiplayer support still (non-emulated) through third-party applications (XBC, etc.). I know I can find 100 games of Halo 2 Xbox at almost any given time.

By WUZZLYFLUFF about 8 years ago

Any chance you could add something to notices that shows in what region they play the game?

By Kennyist about 8 years ago

I could add the users country flag next to their name (If set).

By WUZZLYFLUFF about 8 years ago

Yay! I realize I could just check peoples profiles for that, but that takes effort on my part... ;D

By Kennyist about 8 years ago

Alright, Its coming with the next update and will look like this:

By WUZZLYFLUFF about 8 years ago

Looks great! Thank you :D

By Kennyist about 8 years ago

There we go, It has been added.

By WUZZLYFLUFF about 8 years ago

Yaaay! I'm so sorry, but while we're at it, any possibility to add a link of some sort to the update section? I mean, whenever you reply to me I go check my updates, and it could provide a link to the thread?

Just throwing out ideas here :P

By Kennyist about 8 years ago*

Ah, it was always meant to but it got bugged. Should be fixed now.

By WUZZLYFLUFF about 8 years ago

Aah ok, works now :)

Displaying 1 to 14 of 14 comments.